Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Doctor Who tartans

A while back a book about Scottish tartans inspired me to try my hand at creating some originals of my own. For inspiration, I turned to Doctor Who, as the distinctive costuming, especially in the original series, seemed to naturally lend itself to visuals that were both recognizable but different from the source material.

I've got them set as rotating desktop pictures, so one can "regenerate" into the next in proper order. There will eventually be at least one for each Doctor (maybe I'll give a shot at companions next), but as they've been in the works for well over a year, I figured waiting until all of them were complete might mean they're never actual seen by anyone else. More to come as they're done…

The obvious element to draw from for Four was his scarves. The more recognizable multi-colored above, and the later Tom Baker years below.

Five might be my favorite so far.

Six. A tartan within a tartan. I don't know which is uglier; the inspiration or the tartanized form. (Yes, that's a word.)

Seven. From the original series, the McCoy ones are probably the ones that I'm least familiar with. I'll update this if something doesn't strike me as quite right after I watch them again.


Leslie Carr said...

Do you know what? I like six! The tartanised form I mean.

Lora said...

Very cool! Looking foward to seeing the New Whos. :)

bronxbee said...

actually, i like the tartanized (tartanised?) form *much* better than the original coat of many eye blinding patterns.

love the TB ones but i do think that Sylvester's needs a bit of tweeking, though i'm not sure in what direction. keep up the *excellent* -- and original -- work! we could probably find some tartan company to manufacture these!