Sunday, May 31, 2009

Archie Is Getting Married?

When I first heard the news that Archie was finally going to choosing between Betty and Veronica, I was a bit shocked…to find that Archie was still being published. After 65 years, one would think that the stories about a lone normal teenager have pretty much been exhausted. Sure, there are characters (Superman, Batman, and others) that have been around longer, but mostly, those characters with a similar longevity are more identifiable as icons before they are as people. You can get away with tweaking the personalities of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent so they don't appear outdated to the reader, because their alter egos are timeless. The same doesn't hold true for teenagers. To keep up with the times, and have your main character appeal to the same demographic in a new generation, you would have to alter the core of your character so much that it would unidentifiable when compared to the original version. A quick glance at current Archie comics suggests that that has not been done. Which makes me wonder just who is reading Archie these days.

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